NDK Support Portal



This is a commercial support portal for the Network Development Kit (NDK). NDK is an open-source set of optimized FPGA IP cores and software tools for rapid development of high-speed networking applications on FPGA PCI Express acceleration cards.

Originally, the NDK was developed by CESNET and thanks to its DMA module IP and efficient software layer, it is tuned for more than 400 Gbps transfers to and from host computer memory from and to the FPGA accelerator card. However, the DMA module IP is not part of the open-source NDK. 

BrnoLogic company provides DMA module IP for utilization in commercial projects. It is provided as an encrypted netlist for several FPGA technologies. DMA configuration depends on user requests. Do not hesitate to fill out the non-binding request form and BrnoLogic representative will contact you at the specified email address or contact us directly at info@brnologic.com